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I slept in quite a bit later than intended. I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails before hopping on Black Desert for a while.

I dropped Casey back off at Dave’s in the mid-afternoon, then headed back home to mess with my new printer. It didn’t have the ink in it, which was frustrating. So, I ran to Walmart to try and buy some. But, they didn’t have any in stock. I headed back home with only some paper.

I went to work at 6. Brenda and Ben had already gotten everything done that needed to be done, so my entire 4-hour shift was spent doing tasks that don’t get done often, like checking dates on the Hostess products and chips, and some extra sanitization.

I sent Brad a corny pick-up line during my break but didn’t get a reply. I commented after I got off work that I’d thought that line was fabulous but still didn’t hear anything from him. I headed back home and got back on Black Desert. I played around on there until I was ready for bed.

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