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Slept the same as usual on Thursday night. Got up and got Casey ready for school, he had to go because they needed to make up for snow days. Usually he’d only go Monday — Thursday, until next year when he’s in 5k. Got him to the bus on time and headed back to the house.

Got on SL and got dressed, got on Wiz and did my gardens. Got on Sims 4.

Dave has a 4 day weekend, but had to go in to wrap up some things with his class, then he came home and showered and went back to wrap up some other things.

While Dave was out, I got to talk to Colin for a bit.

Had some phone calls with the doctor’s office. I kinda felt like I was on the phone with THEM all day. It needed to be done, though. Right after the surgery, when I had the interaction with the percocet and zoloft, I didn’t reach out to the doctor despite the pain I was in. After learning of the procedure’s failure, and given the pain I was in, I couldn’t do that again. Anyway, first I was talking with the nurse about the prescription situation. She advised that the pharmacist would be best to instruct as to what medication to try. I called and spoke with the pharmacist, who said the best option would be to reduce the zoloft while on the painkiller, but that my symptoms may also have been caused by just having so much in my system the day of surgery, and the stress I’ve had surrounding it. Then later I spoke with the doctor’s office again. The doctor approved vicodin, and they would leave the paper prescription in the clinic downstairs for me to pick up when I’m able to get there again. I also told them what the pharmacist said, and they suggested I go ahead and lower my zoloft if I’m able, and try the percocet again, to tide me over until I can get the vicodin.

Received the knee brace in the mail I’d ordered. Unfortunately, it was too big and the velcro was so cheap it wouldn’t hold up with daily use anyway. I tried to go through the standard return process with Amazon, but got a message that the item was not eligible for return. I got into a live chat with a representative about it, who issued the credit and told me I can throw away or donate the brace, I didn’t need to send it back. Fine by me, one less trip I have to make. And, with the refund, I would be able to look for a more suitable option for braces.

I looked and looked and looked, but was having trouble finding something that would be ideal. I really wish that I could get the Leader brand brace in my size. It would be perfect. But, I can’t find it anywhere online and the pharmacy in town can’t get my size either, even though the box indicates it’s available in my size. I finally found a brace on Amazon that I thought would probably work, so I ordered it. It was actually less expensive than the first one I’d tried, but it had pretty decent reviews and looked ok.

I sent a Facebook message to Satori, the owner of the club in SL that I’m a host manager and DJ at. I wanted to let her know what I’d found out about the surgery results, and touch base with her. Her boyfriend, Shi, was the one who actually responded, we talked for a few and he said he’d pass the info on to Sat. She later initiated a conversation with me by sending me L$500 and thanking me for all I’ve done while they’ve been away. Funny thing is, I really haven’t done a damn thing lol. She says I’ve done more than I know. *shrugs* Ok. So we talked for a bit, which was nice. I do like her and would like to become closer to her.

Saw a group notice on SL about rebooting your router, some Russian botnet malware. I’m not entirely sure how rebooting a router could prevent any problems, but it’s good to do periodically for best performance anyway. So, I passed the info on via FB and rebooted my router.

Dinner was Home Chef, it was one of those quick meals again. It was an Asian chicken and rice bowl, can’t recall the exact name of it and can’t be bothered going and looking at the card. All I had to do was heat up the chicken and rice, then mix everything together in a bowl, dish out the servings, and eat. This was a good thing, since I was still really sore from Thursday’s expeditions. Dave and I ate downstairs and watched the news. He commented on the length of time it took me to cook the meal. I said it didn’t require much, just heat a couple things in the microwave and mix it all up. He said something like, “Must be nice, I spent 2 hours cooking the Tofu last night.” I replied that I’d texted him there was a quick Home Chef in the refrigerator. He said he thought the Tofu one was the quick one. I said no, it said on the card how long they take to make. He jokingly replied, “Must be nice to know how to read.” Was kinda funny.

After the quick dinner, I got dishes taken care of. All up, I think I was out of my room for a whopping 45 minutes lol.

Back on Sims 4, I was working on taking screenshots for my Harry Potter career mod, to put it on ModtheSims. I noticed that the household I’d placed only had the 4 girls, no boys. I evicted the all-female household and placed the full household again, then got my screenshots taken. Then I thought, well what happened to those boys anyway? So I peeked around the world and eventually discovered that they’d all gone off and gotten married. Lol, whatever. Since I hadn’t actually played anything that needed saving, I’d only just done the screenshots and wanted to undo some of what I’d done to get the shots I needed, I reverted back to the morning’s save.

Got Casey tucked into bed, then played around some more on Sims 4. Didn’t play for long before switching over to Grub Guardian for a bit.

Ended up talking to Colin for a few minutes before going to bed. That was nice. It was only a few minutes because it was late and I was tired, but still nice.

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