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I’m trying to stay “only one day behind” these past few days, otherwise I’d probably get about a week behind.

Thursday night, got to bed earlier than expected. Slept ok, but got up way earlier than expected Friday. I was up and around between 7:30 and 8! Dave was just leaving for work when I got up, and Casey was already up. Casey was off of school, so I was hoping to sleep in later than 7:30.

Got up, got some coffee, got on SL and parked, dilly dallied around for a bit, took care of my free book & paid emails, then hopped on Minecraft with Colin after downloading a backup of the realm.

We ended up going to the Nether to find more Wither Skeletons to try and get some more skulls. We’d only need 2 more. We did end up finding one. Unfortunately, I was slain by a Blaze. Thankfully, since I don’t go there alone, Colin was able to stay where we were when I died so I could go back and retrieve my stuff.

After that, he went off for the day. He was going out with his family for dinner.

Around that time, I discovered via Facebook that my parents were returning home to Georgia. They were supposed to stay in Wisconsin until sometime in September. Which, I might add, pissed me off, because they weren’t even going to stop by and see Casey for his birthday, they were going to drive right through. I see how important your daughter and only *ever* grandson are to you! And now, instead of staying and taking care of my Grandma who needs help, they’re fleeing back to Georgia. She has an appointment with her quack doctor on Monday, because the stress of my Grandma’s fall is just too much for her to be able to deal with. I know what stress is like, and believe me mother, you aren’t under it. You’re under the influence of some quack doctor convincing you that you have made-up illnesses, that’s what you are under the influence of!

Anyway, flabbergasting news aside, I got on Wiz for a bit of pet training. They were doing a double experience & rewards for pets for members over this weekend, and I wanted to take advantage of it.

In the late afternoon / early evening, I got in the bath. I couldn’t take anymore of the “blowing in the breeze.” I laid in the tub, soaking and reading, for about 30 — 45 minutes. Then, I got everything shaved, drained the tub and got the shower going. Man, did I hurt at the end of it. Dave asked me if I had a date, because I was getting all cleaned up. No, I don’t have a date, I just don’t have more than about 2 months worth of tolerance of not shaving.

After I was settled from the bath/shower, I got back on Minecraft. I discovered I was missing about 3 horses! I checked the morning’s backup, and sure enough, they were there in the morning before we’d started playing. And nobody had been on besides us all day, so I guess Microsoft decided to eat my horses. Great.

Spent some time on Minecraft trying to find new horses, but I was going about it the wrong way. First, I took a lead out, which involved slowly walking back the horses. I thought this was a good idea, because I’d be able to just bring 3 back with me with 3 leads. But, I kept losing one when I had only found 2. I kept having to double back to pick up the lead and re-attach it to the horse. Then, one of them got blown to bits by a creeper at night. I somehow managed to get back with just one horse, and had lost 2 leads for it. So, next I went out with a few saddles. Figured I could just go out, find a horse, ride it back, go back out. But, even just finding a horse was proving difficult at that point. There’s only so many horses, and also only so much time between sun up and sun down. I could only spend so much time trying to get fresh horses before I threw in the towel.

After that, I spent some time reading, and then headed to bed just before midnight.

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