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Had set an alarm for 9:30, but woke up just a bit before it went off. Felt like crap, which was to be expected. But I was also dealing with a lot of anxiety throughout the day.

Got on SL to park, but that was about it.

Got Casey some breakfast, then went back to bed until about 1:30. Then got him some lunch, and finally felt like I could tackle some crackers, with ginger ale and water.

Talked to Colin for a little bit, while Casey was on the toilet and then soaking in the bath.

I never did hear anything from Daniel, which didn’t help matters any. It just kept running through my head again, everything Dave has ever said, he’s right. I’m undesirable. Nobody could ever want me. I just keep feeling lower and lower about it. Deep down into a hole, sucking me in, bleeding me dry.

I made a home chef linguine for dinner, but didn’t feel like taking any pictures of it. It was pretty good, with tomatoes and mushrooms.

Watched this past week’s episode of Criminal Minds, then got started watching Fifty Shades of Grey again. Like that’s gonna help my mood.

Was ready for bed by 8:30, so I crawled on in without saying anything to anybody, just didn’t even care.

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