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Got up earlier than usual, and was thankful I’d have a few minutes to wake up a bit before the chaos of getting Casey ready for school. But, as I was getting my coffee, he came bounding out of his room, happy as could be, saying his tummy didn’t hurt anymore. Got parked on SL while he ate and got dressed, then took him to school.

Came back home and got on Aura Kingdom to relist items in the auction house. Then Colin and I got on Conan to refresh the bases. He was logged in at the Jungle base, and I was in the Desert, so it cut the time in about half. After that, I took care of my free book & paid emails.

Then I logged onto DDO for the first time in months. There were a ton of patches, though, that took a considerable time. Colin launched the game as well, and I hoped we’d have at least some time to play together before I had to go pick up Casey from school.

While the patches were running, I got some lunch and we just chatted about this and that. The patches did eventually finish with enough time for us to play together for a while. Neither of us could really remember how to play or what we were doing before we stopped playing, but we caught back on relatively quick and finished the dungeon that would give me the wand I’d been wanting. Once we were done, our brains were both a bit fried and there was only about an hour before I had to go pick up Casey. We logged off of DDO and I went and took care of the dishes while we kept chatting. Otherwise I kinda just sat at the computer scrolling through Facebook while we talked. We both agreed that it was fun to play DDO again, and that we’d like to play more. We also agree that we can’t play the same game every day, we need to mix it up.

Went to pick Casey up from school, brought him back home and got him to sit on the toilet. While he was in the bathroom, I went to clean out the fish tank. I got it as best as I could, but didn’t have enough fish water to keep vacuuming the crap out if it, so it still looked icky. It had really been way too long since I’d cleaned it. The poor little guys don’t deserve that. Ever since my knee went bad over a year ago, I got out of my routine of cleaning it before it got like that. I need to get back into it, for their sake.

Anyway, so I go to plug in the filter and… it doesn’t run. I tried another socket, and still no power. Great. I’d left it so long, the filter was dead. So, I got Casey off the toilet and we rushed to Walmart to get a new filter. Only, they don’t sell the filters by themselves, it came with the tank. So we ended up buying a new tank, new gravel, a new decoration, and fresh fish water.

Came back home and got the new tank set up for them and got them transferred successfully. It wasn’t long before they perked up, they didn’t even seem anxious or stressed out from the move. They were just happy they could breathe again.

After that was taken care of, I took the trash downstairs and noticed the litter box needed cleaning. So, I scooped it before the cats would have a conniption. While I was down there, I had sheets in the dryer that I could take out so I could fold them, and mine and Casey’s clothes were in the washer, so I transferred them to the dryer.

Got the sheets folded, and then had a bit of time to relax. Scrolled through Facebook some, and was doing that when Dave got home. I’d had leftover Chili for lunch, and he’d complained about it having ground beef in it, that the smell makes him sick to his stomach or some bullshit, so I got a premade salad kit out and put some extra Romaine in it so we could share that.

Went ahead and ate dinner, Dave was in the bathroom doing his nightly thing. Logged onto Wiz while I ate, it’d been a while since I’d been on. Took care of some inventory management, but would have to get on my alts at some point to finish it up.

By then it was about 7pm and Casey was asking Dave about a slumber party with him and asking me if it was 8 o’clock yet. I told him no, it wasn’t. A short while later, I was getting ready to get in the shower, and Casey was still eager to get into bed, so I got his vitamins out and let him finish getting ready for bed while I showered.

Once I was dried off and in my PJs I went to kiss him goodnight, and he asked me to read to him. He’d just been laying in Dave’s bed looking at his books, so I crawled in next to him and read to him.

Once he was tucked in, I sat down to the season finale of Criminal Minds with some popcorn. Thankfully, it wasn’t a particularly gory episode, so the popcorn wasn’t difficult to eat lol.

After Criminal Minds, I got back on Wiz. I got on my alts to finish up the inventory management, which involved moving stuff for each of their schools out of the shared bank and into their respective banks. Then I got back on my main and started farming the Loremaster for a few rounds. Then I farmed Nightshade for a couple rounds, but then I was thinking about the ring I really want, which is dropped by Aphrodite’s death tendril. So I went and hung out by the Darkmoor Castle graveyard entrance, and occasionally asked people if they were interested in trying aphrodite with me. I finally had a full team, so we went in. It was a rough battle, as expected, but still fun. I didn’t get the ring I wanted, which sucks because that would mean I’d have to do the fight again sometime. But not then, I was ready for bed.

Got the computer shut down and crawled into bed.

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