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I woke up with plenty of time to get Casey up for summer school. I got some coffee while the computer booted, and got him some breakfast. I dropped him off at school around the usual time, then headed back home for another cup of coffee before it was time to go to my annual exam.

My exam went well, but it took 2 hours when I would have rather it taken like half that. I asked for a full STD panel, so they did all the necessary lab work for that. I should get the results in a couple weeks.

I headed back home and had some more coffee while I took care of my free book & paid emails. Then I had to get the packing done for camping with Cub Scouts over the weekend.

I picked Casey up from school, and we headed back home to relax for a while. We finally tried to leave around 4:30, but had to make many stops here there and everywhere, including back at the apartment a couple times, before we were finally on our way at around 5:30.

Unfortunately, once we got to Camp Decorah, we were told that the weekend program had been canceled due to a lack of participation. I checked my emails, and sure enough, I had an unread one from July 11th saying as much. We turned around and headed home, stopping at McDonald’s for some food to eat along the way.

I got Casey ready for bed, and let him watch some stuff on his phone while he wound down and went to sleep. I got on Grand Theft Auto for a while before eventually going to bed myself.

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