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Got up and got some coffee, got on SL to park while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home to get on Blade & Soul.

I was distracted while trying to farm moonlight buds because Daniel and I were texting each other again. I found it absolutely hilarious that his take-away from my text was about me being poly. He asked if I would be open to having a 3-way with him and another girl. I haven’t been with a woman since Amanda, which was the one Dave had fallen in love with more than two years ago. Anyway, so I told Daniel I would be open to it, and we exchanged pics of me and the other girl. Then he started a group text with me and her. The conversation led to her and I texting privately, and now we’re Facebook friends. I joked with him that he’s a meanie because he won’t add me on Facebook but that she did.

I did manage to get the moonlight buds successfully farmed, and then moved on to do my faction dailies before finally farming peaches for the soul badge I still need. Spent the day casually working on that, tabbing at one point to get my free book & paid emails done.

Picked Casey up from school at the usual time, brought him home and got him on the toilet. I kept working on my peaches.

When Dave got home from work he got the oven going and reheated the veggie lasagna he’d baked yesterday. Turns out he hadn’t even eaten that for dinner Thursday, I have no idea what he’d eaten then. And why reheat the whole thing? It really shouldn’t be reheated again after that. Once I was ready for dinner, I went out to the kitchen. Dave was there and said I could have some of the veggie lasagna. So, I did. It wasn’t very good, the cheese had a very powdery texture and there was something off about the sauce.

Got Casey to bed around the usual time, and then went back to Blade and Soul. I’d still been farming peaches, but then Autumn ended up logging in. She teleported to the Celestial Basin, where the peaches are, but didn’t help any. She seemed unsure of being on. She was also griping about nothing being accomplished toward the clan uniforms, despite the fact that Vol had actually purchased some of the needed materials. Once I pointed that out to her, she stopped. Then her and I joined him and another clan member in Soulstone Plains to farm there for some crystals we needed for the clan uniforms. We spent a bit of time doing that, and then Vol and the other guy wanted to resume their dungeon runs. I ended up crashing after going back to farm more peaches. The guys both said they froze, and then Autumn said she crashed as well. She wasn’t planning to get back on, but I said I was planning to do the dungeon that has a chance of dropping clan uniform designs so she joined me. Then we did another dungeon I wanted to do before I went to bed.

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