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Woke up at a fairly reasonable time and grabbed my latte while the computer booted. Got parked on SL, then hopped on Conan to play around for a bit. Wasn’t up for doing much, though, so I ended up getting on Aura Kingdom for a little while. I got a few things done on there, but wasn’t really in the mood for that either, so I ended up just staring at the computer, deep in thought, for a long while.

I did manage to get the auction house stuff dealt with on DDO as well, but otherwise just stared at the computer thinking, not about really anything in particular, I could just feel my brain working as I stared.

In the early afternoon, I got on Minecraft for a bit. I just did a bit of mining, but wasn’t up for it anymore so logged out of it and went back to staring at the computer.

Later in the afternoon, I got to feeling like playing Conan again, so I hopped back on. I ended up making quite a bit of progress on the structure for the house. Once I’d gotten that built up, I logged back off because I felt like I was on my way to overdoing it again.

Despite seeing an update to Daniel’s Tinder profile that made me feel a strange combination of jealous and aroused, I was overcome with this strange feeling of self-confidence that I haven’t felt in years. I couldn’t explain it, but I was glad for it.

I’d felt like taking a bath, but ended up making one for Casey instead. When he was done, I hopped in the shower. I was pleased I was able to get everything shaved that I wanted to shave without using all the hot water. Not that there’d have been much left after I was done, but still.

I’d eaten a late lunch of leftover p’zone with boneless chicken wings and breadsticks, so I wasn’t ready for another meal until after getting Casey tucked in. For dinner I had leftover tacos from Wednesday night.

Eventually I got back on Aura Kingdom. After a little while, Cyn hopped on with me and we did our Guardian Knight quests together. Then I got the Bulletin Board dailies done. I was starting to doze off at my desk, so I went ahead and shut everything down and went to bed.

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