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Set an alarm so I could get up early on Friday, so I could have my coffee before we hit the road. I booted the computer up for a bit to look at stuff on it while I sipped it. Casey was up not long after I got up. I got the rest of our things packed and then hit the road.

Every time I’d looked on Bing maps it’d said our drive to Sturgeon Bay would take 4 1/2 hours. So, that’s what I was expecting when I got in the car. It wasn’t until I was passing through Neenah earlier than I would have thought, that I checked and saw it was only a 3 1/2 hour drive. The drive was much easier on my knee than the drive to Merrill, too. I think it’s just because there were longer distances between the turns. There wasn’t much time spent on the highway, though.

Got settled in and my parents’ house, had some lunch, and then Casey and I walked downtown and went to the toy store and candy store. He got a new Shamu, “Kid Moosk,” and some popcorn. Then we headed back to my parents’ house.

Saw on the Mayo Clinic Patient Portal that the result for my STD test had come in, that I’d gotten done on Wednesday. Daniel and his fucking around has given me Chlamydia. I sent him a sarcastic message on FB, “thanking” him for it. I am not pleased. At least it’s easy to treat, but if the man could just stop fucking around so much. Eh, it’s no longer any of my concern what he does.

My parents and I went for a drive out to the lighthouse. It was a scenic drive, and it was nice. We stopped at a recreational area on the way, and they walked up a huge hill to see the canal. I waited in the car. We headed the rest of the way to the lighthouse and got to walk down a long pier on Lake Michigan. It was quite a bit cooler out on the pier, but the water wasn’t as cold as I’d have thought. Once we’d walked to the end and back, we headed back to their house.

My dad grilled some brats for dinner, and after they had a little birthday celebration for Casey, since we don’t think we’ll see them again closer to his birthday, which is barely over a month away now. He was happy with his presents, but one of them was a puzzle that they had bought him a few years ago. They said they’d just gotten it at the local toy store, so we should be able to exchange it no problem.

Then I got on the computer and took care of my free book & paid emails. Casey got in the bath, then I got in the shower. Got him ready for bed and then got on ArcheAge with Cyn. Spent a couple hours questing, then went to bed myself.

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