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Got up and got my coffee while the computer booted, then parked on SL. Took care of my free book and paid emails, then got on ArcheAge. I was going about my business, doing my morning chores, when I came across someone stealing my apples off the trees in the public farm!! I was pretty irritated, but something came over me and I reacted much more vengeful then I normally would. I followed the person around with every intention of killing them, but then I wasn’t able to anyway because it was a no-PVP zone. I told them that if I ever saw them in a PVP area, they were done. I said as much in Nation chat. Some people were saying if the trees no longer had my name on them they were fair game, but most were saying it was the best RP they’d seen in a while. By that time I was giggling. I will make good on my threat, though, and tear them up if I ever run into them in a PVP area.

As a result of that public display, Cyn sent me a whisper. She said she was dying laughing about it. We kept talking for a while, and eventually she said she’d just bought a peace treaty for her guild, to keep it from declaring dominion (guild war) so she could do 1 trade run. I pointed out that she wouldn’t have to worry about that if she had stayed in my guild. She said she’d come back but she’d feel bad about having used a peace treaty and then leaving the guild, but that the idea was funny as well. I said she should do it, just because it would be funny. She did!

We spent the rest of the day playing together, even did a lengthy raid together in the evening. I knew she’d come back around. I will need to tell her, though… if she needs a break from me, maybe she could just say so instead of kicking me from the family, leaving the guild, etc. Same on any other game, can’t she just take a break without getting all dramatic about it?

Casey played a bit of Minecraft in the morning, then when he got tired of that he went downstairs and watched stuff on the Roku for most of the rest of the day.

I got my bedding all washed throughout the day, though I kept losing track of time. It was after 9 at night by the time I got the bed put back together, and then I needed a shower.

Spent a bit more time on ArcheAge with Cyn, then headed to bed.

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