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Got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Grandpa Todd arrived just in time to ride with to drop him off at school.

Headed home for a bit after dropping him off and got on ArcheAge to do my gardening. Then I had to take Stormy to the vet for a regular checkup. That went well, and she’s a healthy senior citizen.

Back home after the vet, I got on ArcheAge, but found out that Cyn was out shopping. So, I rounded up some stuff to take back to Walmart, and headed out for a bit myself.

I stopped at Dollar Tree and got a few things for me and Casey, then went to Walmart. I returned the stuff first: the Minecraft party supplies and a wireless charging stand I’d picked up. The charging stand just didn’t put out a good enough signal to charge my phone reliably. Once the return was done, I walked around looking at stuff and eventually settled on a *wired* desk charging stand with a pen/pencil holder on the side, and a refill for my reed diffuser.

Headed back home and did some more gardening on ArcheAge before it was time to go pick Casey up.

I’d hoped to see Daniel at parent pick-up, but I ended up seeing his dad for the first time ever instead. His dad sure looks scraggly lol. Reminded Michael about Casey’s party Saturday, and he said he didn’t know if he was going. I told him his dad said he was, and he seemed happy.

Went home and had Casey get on the toilet, and I got back to ArcheAge. I ended up doing a couple small trade runs, then headed to Diamond Shores to farm some Abyssals there for a while.

Once Casey was done on the toilet, he had dinner then watched stuff on his tablet for a bit, and eventually grabbed my old phone to play Super Mario Run on it.

Got into the reset raid a little late, because we weren’t sure it was really a reset raid or if it was just the boss portion we usually do. The girl who usually leads the reset raids wasn’t on. While I was in the raid, I had Casey doing his bedtime stuff.

Got Casey all tucked in around 8:30, then got back to ArcheAge. Me, Brandon, and Cyn went and did the part of the raid that we’d missed. Then we all just kinda hung around, me and Cyn at each of our homes with Brandon doing PVP in war zones, until I eventually went to bed.

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