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Got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school with his little Yoshi stuffed animal, that he was able to bring with.

Headed back home and got laundry started, which ended up taking all day even though it was technically just the one load. I’d ended up throwing something else in the washer after putting the clothes in the dryer, and then something else after that.

Went through my travel toiletry bag, the really nice one that has a hook to hang it up, and threw away a bunch of stuff from there. That was what I ended up putting in the washer after the clothes were in the dryer. Unfortunately, I would later discover it was falling to pieces and have to throw it away. It was fine, I suppose. I could fit everything I needed in a smaller travel bag anyway.

I got on Amazon and was looking for a bible and a bible story book I’d had since I was a kid, to see if they had kindle editions. The Teen Study Bible and Little Verses With God were available, so I got them as well as The Action Bible. I was very pleased!

I got on Minecraft and updated some mods, as well as bought the City Mash-Up pack I’d been eyeing up for months.

Got on Fallout 76 and made a new character, to kinda start over but without actually deleting the first character I’d made. Once I got to the point of naming her, I realized I have a new in-game name lol.

Went and picked Casey up from school at the usual time, hoping to see Daniel but seeing nobody to pick Michael up. Casey was waiting for Michael, knowing it was Friday, but when I asked he said Michael had gotten into the bus line.

Went back home and had him get on the toilet, since he’d been having messes in his underpants again. I made him sit there a good two hours, but no luck. Well, I didn’t really have to make him, he and I both lose track of time when we have our electronics.

I ended up getting on ArcheAge to start working on my gardening and some more of the higher payout Gilda trade packs. I also wanted to be sure I was pretty much out of labor before going down to the Dells to see my parents over the weekend.

I did talk to Jeremy a bit, but not very much. Mostly just a “how was your day” conversation and then he went to bed.

Dave wanted Pizza Hut for dinner, so I ordered that. It was pretty tasty. I’m so glad I can eat pizza again!

Casey laid in bed watching stuff on his tablet, he wasn’t feeling well. He woke up with a very stuffy nose, but after school had been sneezing a bunch. I told him, if he wasn’t up for the Carnival in the Dells that we could just hang out at the condo, for him to just let me know.

I got into the daily reset raid on ArcheAge. Cyn wasn’t in it, but Brandon was. He didn’t say anything to me, during or after.

Once done with the raid, I got Casey read to and tucked in, then went back to doing stuff on ArcheAge.

I got Halcy done, and then some more gardening, finally one more Gilda pack run before going to bed myself.

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