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I got up and got my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off at school at the usual time, then headed back home and got on ArcheAge for my morning labor sleep and gardening. I went ahead and did a bit of gear upgrading since I already knew I wouldn’t be doing the Gilda trade pack runs.

I then took care of my free book and paid emails before jumping onto Fallout 76. While playing, Daniel messaged about camping that night, so I made sure to get it arranged so we could. I was super excited to be going camping with him and Michael.

I ran to Walmart to get a few things for the little trip, mostly snacks for everybody, then headed home hopped in the shower. I also got everything packed before it was time to go get Casey.

I picked Casey up at the usual time, then we headed straight home. I got him into the bath and wrapped up a few things on the computer, then we headed to Camp Decorah.

We always stop at McDonald’s on the way for dinner, to make sure we have bellies full of food. So we did that, first. Then I remembered a couple things I’d intended to pack, which also seems to always happen, so we went next door to Walgreens to pick them up. Finally, we made the rest of the drive to the Camp.

I hadn’t heard anything more from Daniel and didn’t want to bother him too much while he was working. By then it didn’t really matter, Casey and I would be camping either way.

We arrived and let Emmy, the Ranger, know we were there and got settled into a mini-cabin. Emmy had let us know where we would be staying while we were on the way, so I already knew where to go. While we were just sitting there kinda chilling, she stopped by to make sure we were getting settled in ok. She asked if we would be building a campfire, and I said I wasn’t sure, it would depend if Daniel and Michael got there. She said that we could come to hang out in the dining hall if we wanted since she would be in there doing some work anyway.

I finally heard something from Daniel. He had just gotten off work, and it was already after 7. He’d meant to ask me to pick Michael up from his parents’ house on my way to the Camp but hadn’t been able to because of work. He was about the same distance from their place as we were, so there was no point then. He estimated they would get there around 9. I asked him to let me know when they were about 20 minutes out because Casey and I were going to watch a movie in the dining hall. He confirmed where we were in the Camp while Casey and I headed down there.

We watched Cars, which is an awesome movie and I hadn’t seen it in a long time. As it got closer and closer to 9 I started trying to get in touch with Daniel again. I wasn’t hearing anything back, so we stayed until the movie was over before heading back to the cabin.

Casey settled in and laid down, but I’d finally heard from Daniel and was trying to determine if they were coming or not. Apparently, his parents had taken Michael to a football game and they’d just gotten back. I told him I’d still be up if he wanted to bring him out, but he never responded. I assumed it would be too late for Michael by then anyway, so I just asked him to please bring me coffee in the morning with cream and sugar. Then I tried to get some sleep myself.

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