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So yeah, I got up Friday morning and got some coffee while the computer booted, then sent Troy the message you saw in my previous post. I got Casey up, dressed, and fed before dropping him off at school. Then, I headed back home and just nosed around Facebook for a while.

I had Therapy at 9. I filled Lisa in on everything that’s gone on since my last visit but even said to her that I’ve done surprisingly well considering the amount of stress I’ve been under. She asked when I wanted to come back, and I thought 3 weeks instead of the usual 2, but she said she was thinking a month. So, I scheduled for a month out.

I headed back home, and that’s when shit hit the fan (see the last post).

Once I was back home from the police station and settled down, I went back to my Facebook distraction. I could have gotten about an hour of work done before picking Casey up but wasn’t up for it yet.

I was really scared about going to the school to pick him up, but the chances of Daniel being stupid enough to pull anything at parent pick-up weren’t that great, and there was also a good chance that someone else would be there for Michael. Mindi offered to join me, but we agreed that could just provoke him. I didn’t see any familiar cars there, but Daniel is late pretty much everywhere so that didn’t necessarily mean anything. Once Casey and I were in the car, I saw Daniel driving his parents’ truck into the parking lot. I didn’t even acknowledge his existence. I had even managed to smile in spite of things. I hadn’t seen Michael come out of the school, so I was pretty sure Daniel was too late to pick him up and would have to pick him up from wherever the bus dropped him off. I didn’t really care. I noticed, as I was checking my side-view mirrors on my way out, that he looked back at my car.

Back home, I had Casey get on the toilet and I got started with work. I had the full 4 hours to catch up on before bed and didn’t feel like doing any of it. But, it’s necessary. It doesn’t matter if I’ve had a rough morning, it’s still important to finish my work and get paid. I’d be bringing in over $300 in just a couple weeks’ time, and could easily get around $850 a month just from Appen projects if I consistently get assigned them.

The rest of the evening consisted of Casey playing on my old phone in various rooms of the house while I worked. I took breaks as needed but just kept trucking along.

I got Casey to get ready for bed, then read to and tucked in around the usual time. I was ready for bed myself but still had an hour and a half of work to finish. I pushed ahead and got my time in without falling asleep at my desk, and then went to bed.

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