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I disentangled myself from Brad’s arms — Again! Two nights in a row! — a little before 6 so I could put my PJs on and head back home. I got some coffee started, then jumped in the shower while the computer booted. After my shower, I got dressed while also getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Much to my dismay, Dave put on regular “comfies” when he got home instead of work clothes. This was not looking too good for me.

I got on Aura Kingdom to get started on some of the daily activities before it was time to go out, and left it running while taking Casey to school. Dave was still home in loungewear when I got home.

I got on Fallout 76 for a while and played around, and ran into a person a much higher level than me who gave me a bunch of stuff. That was nice! They ended up adding me as a friend on Xbox, too.

I got to thinking about how much I really wanted to be able to enjoy the game on speakers, and not exclusively my headset. I looked into it, and it could be done with the right setup. I ordered a few things on the Walmart web site, then headed there to look around while waiting on the order to be ready for pickup.

I got everything picked up from Walmart, then headed back home and set it all up. It’s getting crowded at my desk, but I’m too much of a geek not to love it.

I headed out to pick Casey up from school, then brought him back home. He got on the toilet, and I ordered some pizza for our dinner. Dave would be going over to Jennifer’s for the night.

While waiting for the pizza to arrive, I figured out how to get Minecraft into the split-screen mode so Casey and I could both play on the Xbox if we wanted to. It involved adding him to the Xbox, which is fine. It’s still mostly my Xbox, not his.

After we were done eating, Casey was just watching stuff on his phone and tablet (alternatively) instead of asking again about playing on the Xbox. He looked pretty tired, too, so I figured he just wanted to rest and not play games. I got back on Fallout.

Casey never did ask to play the Xbox, which he’d said he wanted to do at some point after school. While he was getting ready for bed, that person who had added me asked about teaming up and letting me play in their private server. The benefit of that is that there’s nobody else around to loot things before you can. The drawback is that the only people around are the owner and their friends who join it, so if you need help you have to rely on them. Public worlds have a lot more people to help if needed.

I read to Casey and tucked him in at the usual time, then got back to Fallout. I was able to get on voice with the new guy, and we played together for a couple hours. Then he was getting tired, so I wrapped up and went to bed myself.

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