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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got dressed while also getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I got on Aura Kingdom to work on some of the daily stuff there, then headed out to drop Casey off at school. I headed back home and got on Fallout 76, but also had to make sure I got a few things done before our trip to my parents’ house.

I sent Brad a text since it was Friday and he’d said he would be going in for detox that day. I basically let him know that I’m proud of him for making the decision to go through detox and that I’m here for him.

Throughout the day, while also playing Fallout, I finished up our laundry, took care of the dishes, wrapped Casey’s game he really wanted to take with since my parents had gotten him the Nintendo Switch, packed, and a few other chores.

I had everything loaded into the car and ready to go when I went to pick Casey up from school, but I’d forgotten to bring any of his stuffed animals for him to sleep with at night. We headed to the car wash, then to the gas station, and then back by the house to pick up some lovies. We stopped at McDonald’s for dinner, then headed out of town.

We did have to stop one time to use the bathroom but finally made it to my parents’ house at about 8:30. We opened up our Christmas Eve gifts, then Casey got ready for bed. I read to him and he went to bed. I was exhausted, but not ready for bed yet, so I got on Fallout 76 on the PC. I already missed the Xbox, it runs much better on there than on my PC. I played on there, though, until I was ready for bed myself.

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