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I was able to sleep in a little since Casey was off school. I got up and got my coffee while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. I took care of my free book & paid emails, then got on Conan Exiles on the Xbox for a little while. Then I got on Minecraft with Casey and helped him find a new spot where he could build without being right in the community area we were developing.

We went to Burger King for dinner, then went to weigh in his car for the Pinewood Derby that would be taking place the next day. After that, it was back home. He watched videos on my old phone for a while, and I got on Aura Kingdom for a bit. After I was done on Aura Kingdom, I got on ArcheAge and did a couple trade runs. I wasn’t really up for more, though. Plus it was getting late, so I ended up just shutting everything down and going to bed.

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