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I got to sleep in a little bit. The school day was delayed by a couple hours because it was so bitterly cold out. I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails. When it was time, Casey and I both got dressed and ready for the day. I dropped him off at school, then headed to Brad’s house to check things. It had occurred to me, it was strange that he’d ask me to check the house but his best friend was watching his guns. And he’d asked me to check it on Friday, Valentine’s Day. But I didn’t want to get my hopes up that there would be anything for me there. And there wasn’t. Everything was fine, so I headed back home.

When I got close to home, my low tire pressure light came on. I got out and checked once I was in the driveway, and the front driver’s side tire looked low. I headed to Kwik Trip to get some gas, then to Walmart to have them look at my tires. I went ahead and had them do my oil change as well. I had breakfast at the Subway in the store while I waited.

They changed my oil and suspect that there’s a leak, but told me to just keep an eye on it for now. They filled my tires and sent me on my way. I headed back home and got on Astellia on an alt while Cyn was doing Valentine’s stuff with Judas. I was jealous because I couldn’t do anything with Brad with him being out of town.

I spent a couple hours working on the Star’s Tale things on my Assassin, and then Cyn was home and ready to get on so I switched to my Mage. We hung out and chatted for a little while before resuming work on the Star’s Tale adventures. It was tedious but we persisted.

I’d texted Brad to let him know that the house was fine, and when he responded I sent another saying I thought we should hang out. The way the conversation went from there, it seemed like he might be home for the weekend.

I got Casey ready for bed a bit later than usual, then read to him and tucked him in. Brad had texted me while I was reading to Casey, saying I could come by after 9. So, I did.

We hung out watching stuff on YouTube for a few hours while chatting, then headed upstairs for the night. And I got to sleep in my hunny’s arms. What an amazing end to my Valentine’s Day.

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