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It’s nice getting to sleep in a bit before getting up for school. I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, and had Casey start on his morning writing. I took care of my free book & paid emails while he worked diligently on everything I assigned to him without complaint.

I hopped on SL once my emails were done and chatted with Cyn a bit there, but she was very spacey and eventually said she was mostly afk.

Casey worked on his reading after having a snack and a bit of free time. He spent quite a bit of time working on his reading before we moved on to math. He continued to work hard all day. He did take a break during math to help me scoop the litter box. I gave him $1 since he’s done it 4 times now. I was impressed with how hard he worked!

Once the school day was finished, I set the Switch up for him to play on the TV, but the controller wasn’t working right. Luckily, we had another controller to try, but eventually, that one stopped working too. I told Casey it was probably because of the battery. He ended up switching back to handheld mode.

At one point in the afternoon, I noticed Cyn was no longer on SL, so I logged off as well. She hadn’t said anything, but I assumed she went to lay down since she naps so damn much.

In the evening, I sent Brad a text that I hoped we could hang out again before Wisconsin ended up issuing a Stay at Home order. I pretty much did nothing but scroll through Facebook until after getting Casey to bed, when I put on an episode of NCIS. I had about 10 minutes left in the episode when I finally heard from Brad saying it was late, but up to me if I wanted to come over.

I got dressed and headed to his house. He was playing World of Warcraft. The graphics and interface reminded me a lot of DDO, which made me want to get into WoW. I think if it were available on the Xbox I probably would get into it. But I don’t really have all that much space to get any new games on the computer.

When he logged out of WoW, he put on Blade Runner. I’d never seen it, but missed parts because he was talking and so wasn’t really following most of the movie. We didn’t watch too much before going to bed.

It was only the 2nd time I’d gone over and we haven’t had sex. On the one hand, I was a bit disappointed because I so love sex with him. On the other hand, it’s kind of nice to know that we can hang out and share a bed without necessarily getting that intimate. He held me and we went to sleep. I did feel him starting to grind against me at one point in the night, but we still didn’t go beyond that as we slept.

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