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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then spent a bit of time on Facebook while waiting on my free book & paid emails to arrive. I also got Casey started on a bit of schoolwork, but since the school hadn’t assigned anything for the day it was kept at a minimum.

Around lunchtime, we went out to get a few things at the store. First I had to stop for gas. I was tempted to go into Kwik Trip to get stuff there but decided to go to Walmart instead. We got what we needed at Wally World, then stopped at Culver’s to get some lunch to bring home.

When we were done eating we went for an afternoon walk, then I got Casey a bath started. He soaked for a while. I got started on my ad-rating project for the day. I’m working toward doing that project Monday through Friday instead of just random days throughout the week. Plus that gives me Saturday as a bonus day if I want to do it then, too.

I had to work at Kwik Trip at 7. It went well, and I was thankful for a slightly shorter day. My knee brace was acting up on me, I think I hadn’t pulled some of the straps tight enough to hold it in place.

I texted Brad while on break, and he said I could come by after work and wake him up. So, once I was off work I headed over to his house. He’d said he’d leave the front door unlocked, but he must have forgotten. The strange thing was, the back door was locked as well and he’s told me many times that he always leaves it unlocked. It felt very strange, and it really brought me down. I waited a few minutes, texting him to see if that would stir him before finally heading home.

I’d left my character on Black Desert doing combat & skill training, but I’d been logged out. I logged back on and it appeared that I’d missed out on most of the combat & skill training I’d put in. So that was 6 million silver down the drain. I logged back out, irritated at the game, and decided to just try and sleep.

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