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I originally wrote this in the Rocketbook, but despite sending it 3 times it still hasn’t posted. Not sure what the problem is.

I had another rough night of sleep, but managed to get up at a reasonable time. I got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book and paid emails.

Casey and I had to go to La Crosse for me to have my fingerprints taken for the Census Taker temporary job I have coming up. The appointment was at Office Depot. We looked around and got a few things, then stopped at McDonald’s for lunch on the way home.

After we got home, I got on Facebook and Casey grabbed the phone to watch videos on YouTube. After a while, I took a shower, then made tacos for dinner. After dinner, it was Casey’s turn to get clean, so I made him a bath.

I got on Black Desert for a while in the evening and did a bunch of my rift bosses. Then it was time to read to Casey and tuck him in. I checked things on Fallout 76 after he was in bed before settling in to read.

Still hearing nothing from Brad, I was in bed by 10:30.

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