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Freaky Friday and erm, Saturday

Yesterday morning I get up and think everything’s going to start peachy. Knew I had my doctor’s appointment and was nervous but prepared. Then I hear the garage door. Dave was home. He said he used “accompanying you to your appointment” as an excuse to get out of going to the range in the freezing cold weather. So, that put a damper on my plans to talk to Colin on the trip to Onalaska and back. Sad thing was, Colin woke up about the time Dave got home. I was pretty frustrated.

So, Dave drove us to the appointment. The doctor went over my MRI results. Basically it’s “bone on bone arthritis” he’s going to treat surgically. More than likely he will be drilling into the bone a bit, to get the marrow to seep out and, over time, create new cartilage for me. Post-op, I will be unable to put any weight on that leg for SIX WEEKS. This had the panic starting! How on earth are we going to do this?? But, it must be done. I can’t keep living like the way I am right now. The surgery has been scheduled for May 7th.

After the appointment, we grabbed lunch at Culver’s. I’ve been craving a burger there for weeks! Casey was disappointed until we reminded him about the free ice cream he’d get with his kids meal.

After lunch we headed to Toys R Us. The going out of business sale is kind of a joke. The discounts are only up to 30%. We ended up spending $80. Some stuff got tucked away for Casey’s birthday. He saw most of it and knows it’s being set aside. By the time we were checking out at Toys R Us, my knee was absolutely killing me.

Dave drove us home, and we settled in for a relaxing afternoon. Leftovers for dinner! Yay I don’t have to cook! lol.

Finally got on Wiz, continued working on leveling my pet, and her stats turned out FANTASTIC. I’m so pleased! They can be viewed here: Nikki’s Stats

Had my DJ set on Second Life last night. It went ok. I had a host, so that was a major help! I only made L$100, which is “Linden dollars” and it’s not much. And, that was actually what I’d put out in tips to the set before me and to my host during, plus another L$50, so I actually lost L$50. Oh well. Had a fairly decent time. My host, Tink, had a couple friends who stayed the entire set. We had some good conversation, it was nice.

After my set, I got on Wiz. Helped a friend a bit with some things back in Khrysalis. Then got ready for bed.

This morning I woke with the intention of just resting my poor leg. Got some plans squared away via txt for my dad to come up twice in May to help out post-op. At one time, he’ll take Casey to visit family in Merrill, a couple hours away, overnight. That will be exciting for both of them.

Got on Wiz and did some fishing and a bit of questing. Also, finally planted my couch potatoes. They give amazing pet snacks!

Had some Cinnamon French Toast sticks for brunch, then got dressed to go to the Vape Shop. It was actually an excuse to talk to Colin for a bit, but I needed a couple juices anyway. I’ll need to order some more online in a week or so I think. Probably as soon as the next pay check hits the bank. Also went to get gas in my car and get a few things at Aldi. Then headed home.

Got back on Wiz, since Dave and Casey were both fairly well occupied. Have been alternating between questing and fishing all day since. I’m trying to catch a treasure chest at the Storm House that contains a pet Betta fish, because it’s my favorite kind of fish and I insist on having one, somehow. Could hatch with other players also, but they have to have trained their pets to Adult. So far I haven’t found anybody to hatch with.

Casey went to bed with his tablet tonight, in Dave’s bed. Fine by me, though I was kind of hoping for a slumber party tonight. So, I’m back on Wiz, doing questing and about to help a friend for a while. It should be kind of refreshing, to go back and use my cool new spells on old bosses lol.

So there we are, all caught up to present time! Yay!

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