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Fallout – brief continuance

One other thing about Patrick… He told me to go talk to or be with (or something) my fucked up mother and fucked up husband.

Regarding my mother, I gotta say that if the only two things that bother me are her addiction to shopping and her allowing Dr. Taylor to take her for all she’s worth… I got a pretty awesome mother.

And as for my husband… can’t really say he’s fucked up… he’s just my complete opposite. Are things supposed to be all roses all the time when you marry your opposite? No! There’s passion in the disagreements! Sometimes my bipolar carries things overboard, but when it doesn’t it’s just the way it’s meant to be! Keeps things exciting! Keeps us on our toes! But our love is strong, oh so strong.

So, I’ll be happy to have in my life my “fucked up” mother and “fucked up” husband. Apparently the one who’s really fucked up here is Patrick.

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