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F’ing jerk!

I’ll start by saying that I woke to a sink FULL of dishes this morning, from Dave cleaning out the fridge and cooking breakfast. I waited HOURS and finally at 4pm he cleaned them up. This was very difficult for me to get through, because I can’t stand a sink full of dishes and usually would have cleaned them up myself long before. And he was working on his schoolwork at times, but mostly just watching the race on TV. He at least needed to HELP with the dishes, not necessarily do them all himself. But, out of principle, I left them to sit and pile up.

I spent the rest of the day in my room, still peeved about his commentary from the night before. Eventually, I made Tacos for dinner. YUM! Haven’t made them in a while and was looking forward to it! I hadn’t bought fresh avocado or fresh cilantro, because I didn’t want that in my tacos this time!

So, Dave goes to start making his tacos. He lifts up the McCormick’s dried cilantro and says, “This is depressing. You were just at the store yesterday, why couldn’t you have gotten fresh cilantro.” I replied, “Because it would only get used for one meal and the rest would go to waste.” He goes on, “So, cook something else that you can put it in. Make a soup. Be creative. Oh, wait, you’re not creative…” at this point I tune him out, pick up my plate of tacos, and carry it in to my room to eat by myself.

I went out to get another taco, and he was just finishing up and started cleaning up his plate while I was in the kitchen. He speaks as if nothing has just happened. “Why do you look grouchy?” Uhm, gee, I wonder. I ignore him. “Why don’t you ever spend time with anyone but yourself” (or something to that effect). I respond that I do spend time with other people, that I just spent time with Casey today. I did, too, we played a game together. I can’t recall what he said after that.

I proceeded to post on Facebook, which was automatically cross-posted here, about spending time with those who lift you up, not those who drag you down. Because that’s all he does! Drags me down! I keep making these foolish attempts at getting my laptop all sorted so I can optionally spend time in the living room while he watches stuff on the TV that I’m not interested in. And then never making it down there because he’s always a fucking jerk!

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