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Doctor’s appointment

I wasn’t feeling the best, the rest of yesterday, so I ended up going to bed around 9:30 again. I slept better last night, thankfully. Not as much tossing and turning. Still not feeling great, won’t mind if I am ready for bed about the same time tonight.

I had a doctor’s appointment with an orthopedic specialist in Onalaska today. Casey and I were able to have lunch after he got home from school before leaving. It’s about a 45 minute drive.

I was pretty irritated at the whole experience in the doctor’s office today. Up until now, I’ve been extremely satisfied with all my visits to the various Mayo clinics. This doctor, though. He comes in, says he reviewed my x-rays and they’re fine, jerks my knee around a bit, and then says I need an MRI. I’m like, wtf? You couldn’t have called me to tell me to have an MRI first?

The doctor’s office was right behind Toys R Us. So, of course, we stopped in there before heading home. Casey seemed pretty impressed with the $10 fidget spinners, but I wasn’t too inclined to spend that much on one. Of course, the next stop inside was the Thomas & Friends section. He grabbed a new mystery mini to buy, then ooh’ed and ahh’ed at all the various trains and expansion packs. We made our way over to the hot wheels, and found a clearance priced thingy of some sort that’ll fit with his other hot wheel mini sets so I let him grab that. Then we looked around the electronics department, and they had all kinds of game based merchandise. I saw a box with mystery “backpack buddies” that featured one of 9 plastic keychain type things in each bag. You could get Link, Zelda, or Ganondorf, and it could be the one from Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, or the Wind Waker one. I only cared about getting the Ocarina Link. I tried peeling the bag partly open to see if it was the right one, but couldn’t tell, so just carried it with me with the intension to buy it anyway. Next we headed over by the Crayola stuff, and they had these “Virtual Design Pro” sets on clearance as well. Casey was impressed with the Star Wars one and I kinda dug the Disney Princess one, so there’s two more things to take home! LOL! Finally we went to checkout!! When we got to the car afterward, I opened Casey’s mystery mini and handed him the bag so I could open my mystery bag and… NO FREAKIN’ WAY! It’s the one I wanted! I am so happy!!! I wouldn’t have minded the Ocarina Zelda one, but yeah it was Link I cared most about.

Between the drive to Onalaska, having my knee jerked around by the doctor, and then walking around Toys R Us, I was DONE for the day, so I texted Dave to please grab a Papa Murphy on his way home. Then we made the drive home and unboxed and unpackaged all our goodies. Casey already colored one of his ships and played with the accompanying app (which you unlock for free by using a scan code inside the book that comes with the art set, otherwise it’s $3.99 per area you want to unlock! Eeps!) and now we’re just waiting for Dave to get home so we can get our grub on. I only hope the rest of the day goes as smooth emotion-wise as the day so far has gone. That way I can rest my knee without worrying about wtf else is going on.

So, if anything else exciting happens today I’ll post again, otherwise , see y’all tomorrow!

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