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Disagreement with my food.

The remainder of last night passed without further incident. I talked to my good (SL) friend Satori for a bit about what had happened, watched another episode of Criminal Minds, and went to bed. Casey slept with me last night. When my first alarm went off this morning, I was coherent enough to immediately check if there was a text about a late start or snow day for Casey’s school. Late start, meaning no 4k, meaning Casey would be at home with me all day. So, I turned off all the alarms and went back to sleep. It’s nice to get to sleep in from time to time!

After I’d been up an hour or so, I got a text from my neighbor across the street, Courtney. She had some things to pass down to Casey that she wanted to get rid of. Her boys aren’t much older than Casey, within a year I’d say, but I completely understand the desire to just unload stuff! I’d like to unload about 90% of Casey’s toys on some unsuspecting stranger! LOL!

Got my free book emails and paid emails done fairly early. As long as I don’t get on Firestorm (SL) this computer can handle that much at least. Had to do an assessment for Appen, one of the places I crowdsource for. I’m still not sure if the assessment was just a periodic refresher, or if I’ve been doing something wrong. I sent an email asking, but haven’t gotten an answer yet. Meanwhile, Appen sent me another project to finish by tomorrow night.

Dinner was something we’d previously gotten from Home Chef. I don’t find there to be a drastic price difference between getting things delivered from Home Chef and getting them at the grocery store. Sometimes, there are things you just keep on hand, like certain spices and seasonings, so most of what you have to pay for is “weird” (out of the ordinary) stuff from the recipe or meats and produce. We’ve gotten to where now we just scan the recipes and decide if it’s worth it to just have Home Chef deliver it. The nice thing is, you can print off the recipes without ever having to get a delivery. Sometimes, though, we just want the convenience of not having to go to the store.

Anywho, the meal was phenomenal! But there were two problems. First, I was way too hungry when I started cooking. I tried munching on things like cheese and some of the broccoli that was for the meal, but I was famished. Starving. My stomach was sore from the emptiness. Second, I ate too much, too fast. I’ve been suffering ever since, and it’s been 2 hours now. For the first hour, I was simultaneously having a pretty bad panic attack, because the indigestion was making me nauseous. A couple xanax later, I was “digested” enough to only have an ache. Stomach must have stretched too much, is all. I kinda pigged out on the meal, it was too good to resist. Have I mentioned my love for capers??

Casey’s behind me on my bed with his “new” Thomas tent playhouse thing, watching stuff on his tablet. I secretly hope he wants another “slumber party.” Despite me wanting to do other things in my bed alone. I’m torn lol!

Ok, I’ve been typing all this while sitting with a towel around me and a turbie-twist around my head. I think it’s time for jammies!

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