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Dinner woes!

So, I made Jambalaya for dinner tonight. YUM! Dave decided it was time to crack down on Casey’s eating again, so he told Casey he had to eat some too.

Dave and I both finished and Casey sat there refusing to even try it. We even threatened to take toys away, to no avail. Finally, Dave offered him a new Hot Wheel if he’d eat 3 bites. Time dragged on and Casey did have one bite, but then we set the timer to make it go quicker for the other 2 bites. He didn’t finish by the time the oven beeped. He was upset that he wouldn’t get the new Hot Wheel, so I told him if he finished the plate he could still have it. He insisted he couldn’t eat any more.

He struck a bargain with me, and this makes me laugh! He said he wanted to get it by pooping. (We had to get him regular by giving him an incentive each time.) I was like, yeah you can get the new Hot Wheel by pooping. So then he goes right into the bathroom to try pooping!!

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