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Daily Tarot

Past, Four of Pentacles

Have you been wrapped up in the material world? Maybe you have been over possessive in relation to your possessions and other people? Or has some miserable “Meanie” manipulated and tried to hinder you, either by being controlling or miserly?

Idk, Wish got me wrapped up in the material world XD lol. The thing I got today, I don’t even know what it was! I don’t even remember ordering it! And, yes, someone has been being controlling over me for YEARS.

Present, The Devil

Your fears seem to have the upper hand at the moment and it’s time to question why. You maybe under an illusion about a situation. Are you feeling very attracted to someone at the moment? Be sure in your own mind as to what it is, that so appeals, because it might simply be money or lust. Don’t confuse libido with love.

I’m scared as can be! Scheduled my surgery and nervous as can be!

Future, Ten of Pentacles

There’s nothing wrong with being conventional and conservative if that is truly what you want. And the chances are that as long as you tow the line – you will be successful. But if you are a natural bohemian, think of changing direction.

I don’t want to be conventional or conservative, though. I wanna be a little crazy, anyway.

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