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Daily Tarot

Past, Ace of Swords

Have you been let you head rule your heart, ignoring your intuition and eschewing your emotions? You’ve been over analysing the situation and have totally misunderstood what has been happening, follow your feelings as well as your thoughts for guidance.

Hmm. If I’m over-analyzing… well, I’m over-analyzing a few things. My marriage, and another thing to do with SL. Follow my feelings. Hmm. Ok.

Present, Five of Pentacles

You feel something is missing from your life and it could be cash, a spiritual connection, or love. Have you become the loser in a loveless relationship and are feeling lonely? Improve things, discuss your fears, ask for help and be optimistic.

It’s passion and romance that are missing from my life! I have, indeed, become the loser in a loveless marriage, and am feeling terribly lonely! I have asked for help already, though, and am *trying* to be optimistic.

Future, Two of Swords

Have you put a barrier around your heart? Yes it will stop you being hurt, but it will also stop you enjoying life. In future, avoid denying your emotions, and blocking out others or you will miss out on so, so much.

I have definitely put a barrier around my heart, after all that I’ve been through. I know it’s stopping me from enjoying love, but I don’t know if I can let it down, at least not yet.

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