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Daily Tarot

Past, Ace of Wands

You’ve been feeling very self-assured, but perhaps you’ve been a little bit too pushy. If you’ve found that people have been rather uncooperative or off hand, this may have been the root of the problem. Relax a little.

Well, I do need to relax a little. I don’t think I’ve been pushy, but Casey’s often uncooperative. So, yeah.

Present, Ace

Time for a new start. If you’re looking at the practical side of life think about projects with tangible results. Now is a good time to start anything related to work, property and investments. Be down to earth.

Ok, start working. Got it. Crowdsourcing is my best option right now, I’ll start working more.

Future, Page of Pentacles

Keep an eye out for a reliable employee, a practical pal, or even a monetary sage; someone who can help you make things happen. There’s an opportunity coming up and you don’t want to miss it. Just remember to be realistic.

I’ll take a monetary sage! lol. I look forward to new opportunities!

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