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Daily Tarot

Past, Knight of Pentacles

In the past you seem to have been ponderous and pessimistic. Maybe you have had good reason, but now this is no longer very helpful. Now you need to lighten up, and if you do things will become crystal clear.

Yes, definitely have been ponderous and pessimistic. I’ve had good reasons, I feel like sometimes life has shit on me. But I agree, I need to lighten up. Therapy FTW!

Present, Ten of Wands

Enough is enough, it’s time to lighten your load, delegate some of your tasks, cut back on work and have fun. If you’re in a relationship that’s become hard work, ask yourself if you really want it to continue.

Enough IS enough! I need to delegate some tasks, to Casey and Dave! Cut back on all the fucking chores. Not to have fun, necessarily. But to REST! My poor knee. And yes my relationship is HARD WORK. But I do really want it to continue.

Future, Ten of Swords

To your surprise you will undergo a change of heart, and soon a sunny smile will appear on your face as you see a brighter world bloom before your eyes. However dreadful your suffering has been, the tide has turned!

A sunny smile? Damn, been a while since I’ve had one of those. I look forward to this brighter world blooming before my eyes. I’m glad to know the TIDE HAS TURNED!

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