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Daily Tarot

Past, Six of Cups

You have been remembering a rosy past and forgotten that you have to live in the present too. Have you tended to assume that you have little control over your fate? From now on try steering your own course – you’ll be surprised.

But, the past was so much nicer than the present! Ok, I’ll try and start steering my own course. I’ll try. I can’t make any promises, though.

Present, Page of Pentacles

Time to be practical and realistic when it comes to setting your goals. However, there is a Window of Opportunity there for you – if you keep your eyes open. This maybe career based but it could also refer to relationships.

It’s always exciting to find a new window of opportunity. I hope it’s both career based and relationship based. Like, a double window.

Future, Ace

Soon you will have the resources you need to make a success of your projects – however this is not an invitation to take risks, success will be based on hard work. Anything connected to career or cash is looking good.

I definitely need the resources for success. Hard work is not a problem, I can handle it. I need cash! Of my own! To live freely!!

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