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Daily Tarot

Past, The Hierophant/The Pope

You may have felt constrained by restrictions imposed on you by circumstances or the wishes of others. Equally, it may be a past event had made you feel trapped. Perhaps you’ve played by the rules more than was good for you. You may have been sticking to your own beliefs, but have you remembered that others have beliefs of their own?

I’ve been feeling incredibly constrained by the restrictions imposed on me by the wishes of others. Equally, I recognize that I’ve been making others feel incredibly constrained by the restrictions imposed on them by the wishes of myself. Compromise needs to happen.

Present, Knight of Swords

Slow down, rushing in where angels fear to tread will not help one bit. Think things through thoroughly. An amour may seem aloof and preoccupied, or a friend may be too demanding, if so, make your point calmly and with confidence.

About the best thing I can take from this is “Think things through thoroughly.” I do need to do more thinking and reflecting.

Future, Ten of Wands

You have something of a struggle ahead. But you can help yourself a lot by letting others lend a hand, and not blaming yourself for the situation. Stop having guilt trips. They’re useless, go out and enjoy life instead.

I do have a struggle ahead! With finding out I have a lesion in my knee muscle!! I need to be more willing to ask for help where needed, and stop having guilt trips!!

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