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Daily Tarot

Past, Queen of Swords

Have you been fair in your assessment of a person or situation, or have you set your standards far too high? Or perhaps you have been hiding your emotional needs and desires under a polished veneer of wit and wisdom.

Hmm. Have I set my standards too high for Dave? I know he’s set his too high for me. I’ve definitely been hiding my emotional needs and desires, though not necessarily under a polished veneer of wit and wisdom. Perhaps I need to knock Dave down a knotch and become more open with my emotions and desires. That is one of the many things he’s complained about with me.

Present, The Hierophant/The Pope

Maybe you’re stuck in your ways at the moment. Remember, sometimes, you need to adapt to the needs of others. Perhaps you’re clinging to the past too much right now. If so it’s time to release it and move forward. In relationship someone is acting rather conventionally or you need guidance from an adviser or teacher that you trust.

I am rather stuck in my ways. I can’t seem to get away from it. Every day I contemplate at least taking my laptop downstairs with me, to be more sociable. But I always just stay in my room. I guess a big part of it is that Dave only is out of his room for mealtimes, Friday nights for Gold Rush, and Sundays for CBS’s Sunday morning show and 60 minutes in the evening. Other than that, he’s either at work, asleep, or doing school work. So what’s the point in me being downstairs in the living room if he’s not there most of the time anyway? If Dave’s not watching his few programs on TV, then that means I’m stuck watching what Casey wants to watch. Idk. I’m definitely clinging to the past, have been for 12 years. I need to let it go, and learn who Dave is today, just as he needs to learn who I am today. Hell, for that matter, I need to figure out who I am today for my own self. And in relationships, I am seeking guidance from a psychologist, who I am comfortable speaking to.

Future, Seven of Pentacles

You’re standing at a crossroads right now. The future lies ahead, and it suggests a need to change direction. The previous path may be comfortable and familiar, but soon it will be time to accept new adventures.

I’ve been at this crossroads for a year now. I don’t like it. I do need things to change direction, but not in the sense of divorce, more so go through a period of getting to know each other again, and reinvigorate the romance and passion in our marriage. I just don’t know if that’s possible at this point. He seems as reluctant to let go as I am, but for different reasons. He doesn’t want to part with having Casey in his daily life. I can understand that. I just don’t want to lose him and what we had. But, what we had is not what we’ve had for the last 12 years. I need to let go of the first 4 years, and find a way to grasp on to something new with us.

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