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Daily Tarot

Past, Five of Pentacles

You have been fearful of lacking something? This might be money, spiritual fulfilment, or more likely affection. You have been so trapped by this fear that you felt you need to be rescued. Remember that only you can rescue yourself.

I have been fearful of lacking a lot of things. Money, spiritual fulfillment, AND affection. I am working on trying to rescue myself.

Present, Eight of Pentacles

You’re good at what you do, you can almost do your job without thinking. Not much of a challenge is it? Alternatively, whatever you want to achieve, the more effort you put in, the more you’ll eventually harvest.

My job? I don’t have one! Lol. Ok, but what I want to achieve, ie finding a job, the more effort I put in it, the more I’ll eventually harvest. Considering how much of a slacker I am, yeah.

Future, Page of Swords

You’re ready to face any challenges fate flings at you. Communication skills come to the fore. In love you or your partner will be full of youthful exuberance, this is exciting, but it may lead to some minor skirmishes from time to time.

I don’t feel very ready to face any challenges fate flings at me. I do need communication skills to come to the fore. My partner already acts like a child, I need him to be more mature.

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