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Daily Tarot

Past, King of Cups

Self-control is good but you have been taking it too far, you have been blocking feelings that needed expression. Perhaps a mature person has used emotion as a mean of controlling you. Time of accept your feelings and work with them.

I have been using quite a bit of self-control to block my emotions with Dave. I don’t know that Dave’s mature, but he does use emotion as a means of controlling me. And yet I love him anyway. I accept that. Now to work with them.

Present, The Knight of Wands

It is time for action and adventure. For once you can try being a little rash and reckless. Just as well, because a romance is in the air and your sexy admirer will set your pulse racing with their silky charm and charisma.

Well it’s certainly no time for action or adventure when it comes to my knee lol. I don’t necessarily feel rash or reckless, either. Ooh, a sexy admirer? Wait, that means, it’s not Dave. Hmm.

Future, Knight of Cups

Your dreamboat will soon be pulling alongside. Look out for a luscious sultry person and this partner can be a great lover, charming and eager to please you. But be warned, your amazing amour can also have a sulky and melodramatic side.

Hey I could take a ride on a dreamboat! Oh, you’re talking about another new lover. Ok, I’m gonna hafta think about this. You keep telling me there’s new love in my present and future.

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