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Context of today’s conversation, for the purpose of linking…

Mandie Momoftwo

Amber I’m not dumb.. facebook shows when you read the messages I send. You have been ignoring them 8:43am Amber Kaye Holt

I have not gotten any messages don’t try to lie to me 8:43am Mandie Momoftwo

it shows when you read them amber.. it gives the exact time 8:43am Amber Kaye Holt

I have not gotten any messages I have no idea what you are talking about 8:44am Mandie Momoftwo


Mandie Momoftwo

so in a better mood so that I can talk to you now?


Mandie Momoftwo

ok nevermind


Mandie Momoftwo

ive tryed being there for you.. or just being here for you to talk to. CLEARLY you dont want that. You read my messaged then dont respond. I havent done anything to you at all. I’m backing off for a while so best of luck with your hand and whatever else you have going on



Mandie Momoftwo

Hey everyone Tuesday night Christmas shopping 8:00 let me know if you want to join! 8:44am Mandie Momoftwo

at the end of every message it gives the time you read it 8:44am Amber Kaye Holt

sorry that I didn’t respond to a mass message for something that you should know I wouldn’t want to do that you sent to all your friends 8:45am Mandie Momoftwo

you are UNREAL! 8:45am Amber Kaye Holt

goodbye 8:45am Mandie Momoftwo

its a nice gesture to invite someone to something even if you know they wotn come or dont want to

I wont say I’m sorry for being nice to you and inviting you to things.. thats just STUPID! 8:46am Amber Kaye Holt

well to me it is just annoying, I would think my friends would know better than to invite me to something that they know I don’t want to go to

who asked for an apology? 8:46am Mandie Momoftwo

if that were the case id never invite you to anything.. because you never want to go to anything or do anything

its not rude to invite someone 8:47am Amber Kaye Holt

I’m sorry that I don’t have any money to spend on doing anything 8:47am Mandie Momoftwo

you need money to hang out with someone?

you need money to have friends?

hmm I never knew that 8:47am Amber Kaye Holt

you never want to just hang out you always want to go somewhere that involves spending money 8:47am Mandie Momoftwo

One of my bestfriends is poor and we hang out all the time and do things.. shes never rude to me because she doesnt have money 8:47am Amber Kaye Holt

I am NOT arguing have a nice day 8:48am Mandie Momoftwo

no actualy.. I wanted to come over twice in the last couple weeks. Thats free last time I checked

clearly the old not so nice amber is back.. that is to bad 8:48am Amber Kaye Holt

I’m not being rude either so have a nice day

you have no idea what I’ve been going through and you have not made any effort to try to come over to be here for me 8:49am Mandie Momoftwo


1000 text messages asking if you need anything or when I can come by 8:49am Amber Kaye Holt

GOODBYE 8:49am Mandie Momoftwo

twice I was going to come by and you had to add in the time frame that I can.. doesnt work for me. I have two kids to plan around

I wont put up with this shit all over again! I try being there for you but I wont kiss your ass to do so amber 8:50am Amber Kaye Holt

you have not tried to be here for me you have not asked me about coming over once 8:50am Mandie Momoftwo

I havent? the day I was coming over.. after we talk about it a dozen times (the time I’m coming) you mesage me and say your leaving at a certain time to go to the library

then I said I would come over the next day.. text you twice and got nothing back

I got your magical ” I didnt get a text” 8:51am Amber Kaye Holt

LEAVE ME ALONE 8:51am Mandie Momoftwo

I got you flowers, a movie and candy and made you a get wall basket.. thats PATHEDIC.. considering I was being ignored on purpose

you can make excuses why you treat people like shit all the time! You have been nice since we started talking.. then you do your normal turn around. I’m sorry you had surgery but I can sit outside your door and wait for you to want company.

no problem amber I will do just that.. leave you alone 8:52am Amber Kaye Holt


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