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Conniving little bitch!

Okay so maybe that was the wrong word, but I just wanted to use that phrase…

I was fortunate enough to be able to work with Cilla on Valentine’s day, closing together. She’s rather bitchy, but tensions had started to ease up over the last month. She’s a barbie-ish “holier than thou” kinda person and I really don’t care for her. But, she’s just a kid, so she hasn’t matured to her fullest yet.

Well, I was busting my ass to get things done for close, even though Carrie (the idiot, yes) had said Cilla would be closing by herself. I didn’t want to leave work early, but either way I was still going to do what I could before I had to leave. To be nice to Cilla, and all, since she’d be closing by herself with a manager who doesn’t like to help employees get out of there on time. Well, I thought I was done, but then noticed Cilla hadn’t done trays or taken out one of the trashes. So I went and told Carrie, that I thought that was all I had left, and told her Cilla hadn’t done it, and went back to get busy.

Cilla came back out a few minutes later, dressed and ready to leave, and told me that Trays are always Cafe (she was closing Bakery, and I was closing Cafe and Barista). I asked if she could at least take the trash out, and she started to, while saying “Trash is always Cafe, too.” I decided not to hold my tongue, even though she’s “technically” my superior as a “Certified Trainer.” I told her that when I’d been trained to close that we practiced Teamwork. She said “Yeah I got into it with Patrick about that. That’s why the trainer’s suck ass.” WTF?

Okay so I was REALLY upset when I left work… and told Dave about it, and told him I just didn’t want to waste my time thinking about it, it was useless.

So just a few minutes ago, I reviewed the Bakery duties to see if Trays and Trash really were the Cafe closer’s responsibilities. THEY ARE NOT! She pawned her work off on me and then spat in my face (figuratively) when I mentioned TEAMWORK! I am so totally going to have a talk with whatever manager is there when I work in just a bit. This is fucking ridiculous and I’m not going to let Barbie do this shit to me or anyone else. She needs to GROW UP and DO HER OWN DAMN JOB if she doesn’t want to practice TEAMWORK!

Okay, that’s about it for now… ARGH!

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