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Clyde’s Teeth

So, Clyde’s teeth cleaning didn’t go quite as expected. He had a loose fang and had to have it extracted. Following that, the vet wanted him on an antibiotic for 10 days.

When we had Josie and she took the blood pressure pills, we always gave it to her in a pill pocket, but as her cancer got worse she started separating the pill from the pocket and spitting out the pill, so we stopped. And, the main reason for the pill pockets was because it was a blood pressure medicine… so if stress was her problem we didn’t want to elevate that just to give her a pill to make it better, in the end there’d be no change, right?

Anyway, back to Clyde… So I hadn’t noticed on his instruction sheet that it was recommended to give the medicine in the morning. So I tried Thursday night and the poor guy got sick everywhere afterwards! We didn’t see the pill in any of it, but knew he couldn’t have gotten the dose. Then I re-read the instruction sheet, mainly because I wanted to see if it said anything about the antibiotic causing nausea or vomiting. That’s when I saw the part about giving it in the morning. So, Friday morning we tried again. Same result. Then, with stomach contents being gone, I thought, maybe try on an empty stomach? So, tried again RIGHT away, and he did just fine! I called the Vet to let them know what was going on, because he had definitely a dose at that point, and was down 2 pills. They said it’d be fine as long as he got at least 7 days.

Friday night we picked up all the food bowls, so that his stomach would be empty in the morning. We waited a little bit after giving him the pill, which I dare say I got to him in the most agreeable fashion! He had jumped up on the cat perch and I just kinda massaged his mouth open instead of prying it, dropped the pill in and then kissed him on his forehead. And everything went fine! So we gave him (and the others) the food bowls back. Sunday morning, though… FAIL! He got sick everywhere again, and we saw the pill in it. Monday morning, same thing. But, this time the pill was discovered somewhere else… I had given the pill to him on the perch again, but he wasn’t as cooperative. And, it turns out, he spit the pill out when he jumped off the perch! So he never got it! And he still got sick! I had called the Vet when we saw he’d gotten sick, and they said to just discontinue it. Then Dave found the pill and he wanted to just get pill pockets to entice him into eating them. I told Dave I didn’t really see the point because he’d only gotten 2 doses in the 5 days he should have had the pills. So, we finally agreed to just not give it to him, and after a couple more days he came around and showed he was feeling better.

Poor guy only has 3 fangs now, though. 😦

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