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Clusterfuck Friday

I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I dropped him off at school around the usual time, then headed back home.

I let Dave know right away that I had plans with Daniel. He said Jennifer was coming over anyway.

I scrolled through my Facebook feed until my free book & paid emails had all arrived, then I took care of them. I saw a post from Daniel that he was going to go plant-based and have meat as a reward every few months.

We were supposed to go out and meet another couple for drinks and hopefully some fun after. The couple I’d been talking to for us hadn’t responded to the last few messages I’d sent, so I spent most of the day talking with as many couples as I could to try and find a replacement. I narrowed it down to two couples who I began texting with.

I got laundry done and got an overnight bag packed, just in case I did end up staying at Daniel’s parents’ house with him.

Daniel was asking what the plan was for the evening. I didn’t want to bug him while he was at work, so I didn’t tell him that I was having trouble finding a couple for us to meet and hopefully play with. I told him I wanted to get something to eat before meeting a couple at a bar, and then hopefully play if thins went well. I said I wanted to start the evening around 7. I even called an Indian restaurant that had a sizeable vegetarian menu to make sure they could accommodate his dietary needs (allergy to seafood and nuts, and I can’t recall if he likes spicy or not). I wanted to show him that I am supportive of his decision to go plant-based, as well as sort of celebrate that it’s been a year since we’d met.

I picked Casey up from school at the usual time, then took him to his annual doctor visit. He got a flu shot, which he wasn’t happy about but did really well with. We headed straight home afterward.

Later in the afternoon, Daniel told me that he had to go to his nephew’s last ever high school football game. He hadn’t been to one all year, and it was the last ever so of course he needed to go.

I took Casey up to the park in the neighborhood for a little while before I headed out for the night.

I began panicking about the timing of everything. How would I treat him to a nice dinner, and still meet a couple for drinks at 9pm, if he wasn’t going to be available until 8? I let the first couple I’d been talking to know that he had something come up with family and we weren’t sure about the timing of going out. They ended up backing out, the male half said that the female half had a bad headache and didn’t want to go out. The other couple wasn’t going to know until 8 anyway if they would join us. When the time came, first they were ready to go and then when I explained the situation they said they were just going to stay in. I felt defeated, and I was incredibly frustrated. I’d spent the entire day working on finding people we could meet and have a fun time with, for it to fail miserably.

Daniel messaged me again to see what the plans were. I was on my way to his parents’ house by then. I asked him if a brewery was ok with him, but he said there was a big concert down there and there would be a lot of people. He didn’t like large crowds. I wasn’t aware of that, but it’s fine since I don’t really care for them either. I will tolerate them in certain situations, but it’s not ideal. I would like to go to that brewery sometime, but that would have to wait.

He started getting frustrated with me about the lack of solid plans. I was trying to drive to his parents’ house, so I let him know I was almost there and we could talk then. He hadn’t left the game yet. I ended up sitting in his parents’ driveway for a while. His dad was home and had come out to make sure everything was ok, and I let him know I was waiting to find out from Daniel where I was supposed to be meeting him. A while later his mom got home and invited me to come on in. We chatted and I snuggled his dog, Princess. He finally got home a little while later.

His mom and I kept talking and she offered me some lasagna. I hadn’t eaten dinner so I gladly accepted a plate. The three of us sat around the kitchen table for a long time, Daniel occasionally telling her she was just being nosy. Eventually, he went and sat down in the living room and put the TV on, and she went to bed so I joined him. I told him about what I’d gone through to try and line things up for us. He didn’t say much, and we ended up falling asleep while watching a show on Netflix. We eventually stirred enough to make it into his bedroom.

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