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Camping while pregnant?

So, last July we went camping for my brother-in-law’s birthday. I had never been camping (in the years I can remember, at least) and was hesitant, but loved it. Last weekend, Tom (brother-in-law) asked Dave, casually, if we’d be interested in going again this summer. I actually would LOVE to go, though now I am “with child” and I’m not sure if it will be the greatest idea…

The biggest concern, aside from plenty of FOOD, is pesky bugs… particularly mosquitoes that could carry West Nile. That can’t be good for baby! So, I would have to have something to repel them, and do a great job, without harming the baby with fumes. Must research this…

The next biggest concern is comfort… I would definitely need to go earlier in the summer when my belly isn’t quite as large, otherwise I might overheat… and, although an air mattress might sound like a lovely idea, it was quite uncomfortable last year. So, I will likely choose some mattress pads designed for camping, and lots of pillows…

The only other concern for me is making sure I can get off work on a Saturday, which really shouldn’t be a problem for one weekend out of a whole summer. I would need to make sure not to schedule any other appointments for that Wednesday, otherwise no problem.

So, aside from those main concerns, is there anything else I should know?

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