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Busy day!

Got Casey up a little early today, because Daddy was still home when I was getting dressed. I thought Dave was heading out, so I told Casey to hurry up to “fill his bucket” before he left for work. (Filling the bucket is a thing he learned at school, it’s when you make someone feel good. You can either fill buckets or empty them, and they’re being taught to always fill them.) So Casey reached for me to carry him downstairs, my first challenge of the day! We got downstairs, Casey gave Dave a hug and a kiss, and then I carried Casey back upstairs for breakfast. Dave followed and made his own breakfast. *facepalms* I could have avoided the stairs!

Got Casey to school at what seems to be our new normal time, a few minutes earlier than before.

Went to Walmart to look for a new pretty Stylus-pen for my new computer. Just a cheap thing. The one I had was scratched and I wanted to see what else I could find. I found a 3-pack of girly ones for a few dollars. I also saw a kids pack that had one shaped like a large dark blue crayon and one shaped like a #2 pencil, so I grabbed that for Casey. Then I wheeled over by the movies and saw they had a Pokemon collector’s pack with 4 movies in it, in the bargain bin!! I grabbed that. Then I headed to the grocery for a couple of snack items. Then home!

Got a few things done on the computer this morning, just the usual free book emails and such. Time seemed to go by quick, though, then Casey got home. He told me, before he even got his snow gear off, that he was wearing his backup shirt home because a girl in his class accidentally spilled white milk all over his shirt! He said her name and I knew what name he was saying but I can’t spell it. It sounds like Mariah but starts with an N. Anyway, got his snow gear put away and put his still-damp shirt over the top of the shower to finish drying, and got him settled with some lunch.

After lunch he played on his tablet for a bit before I called upon him to get the snack bags ready for Thursday’s class party. First we used double-sided tape to tape a Shamrock on each of 19 bags. Then we filled them with 1/3 cup each of M&Ms and the special edition lucky charms with all green shamrocks, plus a handful of pretzels. Got the baggies in a grocery sack for him to take to school tomorrow, so we don’t forget! He knows that for being super helpful he gets to pick out something small from the goodie bags of toys I keep in the closet.

He got back on his tablet for a bit while I urgently created a fundraising page for his school’s spring fundraiser, to post it on Facebook so people could order things to support his school’s PTO. Today was the last day! But, come to find out, the shopping can go on at this site 24/7 year round, he just only gets entries into drawings for prizes up until today. Well I don’t feel as bad now! Sure, the extra prizes are nice, but considering it only takes a couple minutes to create his site, and he didn’t do anything to help this time, it’s really not a big deal. Once the site was live, I spent some time looking at the catalog, and found a few things I wanted to get. One is this $20 entertainment card that gives you something like 350,000 coupons. Another was just some trail mix that we’d eat anyway. And then I wanted to get these sandwich cutters that were neat shapes, but it wouldn’t let me add it to the cart since I’m the parent and it’s forcing me to have the order shipped to his school, despite me disabling that for his page.

Meanwhile, I’d sent my mom a text letting her know that I posted the site on Facebook. She subtly got onto me for waiting until the very last minute to post it. Whatever, mom! The fundraising can go on after today, he just won’t get entries for prizes. I don’t care! Well, she ended up placing a rather generous order of 6 items. The school had a goal of each child selling 10 items. I was able to buy 2. We were only 2 short of goal in ONE DAY!

By then it was time to cook some dinner, tacos tonight! I only had to warm the beans and brown the meat, so I got that going and also began cleaning the fish tank. Casey showed up, so I enlisted his help with that as well, which was good since I had a couple things on the stove already. He reminded me that he still hadn’t gotten his mini. I almost told him he could have 2 things from the goodie bags but then I remembered the movie and styluses I bought for him and said instead he could have a mini and some candy. He chose gum as his candy and got to work on the fish tank with me. He holds one end of the hose over the sink to make sure water doesn’t spray everywhere, I vacuum out the tank, then we refill with special water for them. When we were done vacuuming out a good bit of icky water, we took turns filling the tank while I also kept an eye on the meat. Once the tank was filled back up, I checked the meat again, and then we took the empty fish water bottles down to the recycling dumpster. We went back upstairs and I had Casey give the fish some shrimp while I checked the meat again. Then we went to pick out his new present, which was a Thomas & Friends Mini train. Finally I could focus on cooking! I had the meat on a low heat the whole time, so it was coming along quite well. Finished it up and got everything else out of the fridge. It was after 6 by then, so I went ahead and ate instead of trying to wait for Dave.

Casey likes tacos, but only with beans and cheese. We each had 4 tacos. That’s about normal for me these days, I used to always eat 5 of the stand & stuff but cut back a bit. But 4 for Casey is a LOT! While Casey finished up his 2nd plate, I cleaned everything up. Sat back down at the computer and focused on the time for a few. It was 6:45, and if Dave wasn’t home by 7 I’d get my shower in then instead of waiting for him. 7 rolled around and he wasn’t home, so I showered. He got home when I was about halfway through.

So, even though I’d posted on Instagram pictures of some of Casey’s busy day, I made sure he filled daddy in on the rest. Then I got back to the computer, checked Facebook briefly, and then Casey came in saying he wanted to watch a movie. I asked if he wanted to watch his new Pokemon movie and he got excited, so we put that in. He asked me to watch it with him. I wasn’t really interested in watching it intently, so I asked if he minded if I brought my computer down. He said I could, so I fetched it and my phone and brought them down. I half paid attention to the movie, and scrolled through Facebook for a while, since I felt out of touch with it.

The movie ended just after 9. I want to try and get Casey settled into an earlier bedtime, but we somehow keep letting him start his bedtime routine at 9. Oh well. So I brought my stuff back upstairs, and then got his PJs out. Went back downstairs to turn the TV and DVD player off, and back upstairs to help him brush his teeth and wash his face. By help him here, I mean I do it for him lol.

He wanted to read 2 Pokemon books tonight, since we usually read 2 or 3 books a night, but I said that, since it was so late, he could do 1 Pokemon book and another shorter book. So we read a couple books and I got him tucked in at 9:40.

Then I spent a few minutes getting dishes in the dishwasher, since Dave loves to leave me a sink full of dishes all the time. Seriously, like, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day he leaves me a sink full of dishes! This time it was just the after-dinner stuff at least. Got the dishwasher going and sat down and started typing this.

*pants* So, that was my day. As to be expected, my knee is killing me now!

I’m enjoying posting entries daily, I feel it’s helping me remember things better. Except for the stupid fundraiser. I’d had the packet for about a week, even though the fundraiser started on the 2nd. It was sitting near my desk, but I kept forgetting to set the site up. I swear, my brain! It’s so frustrating to myself, let alone to those around me!

Anywho, my hands are sore now from typing all this lol. I think I’ll go ahead and “publish” this post and try and do something on SL for a bit before I head to bed.

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