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Bowling with all my boys 🥰

Nothing too exciting occurred the Sunday after my last post, so I'll skip that day.

Monday the highlight was that Greg and I went to the shoe store and I got an awesome new pair of Sketchers with his discount. I spent too much at Family Dollar that day as well. Overall, though, it was a nice day.

Tuesday the 17th I was supposed to get an ultrasound done to check my tubes and see if it's even possible for me to get pregnant. The doctor, however, refused to do the procedure and instead gave me statistics. I have about a 1.7% chance.

Wednesday the only notable thing really was that I traded in a shit ton of single dollar bills for an even bigger shit ton of quarters. I thought it was funny, anyway.

Skip Thursday, too boring.

Friday Greg and I spent some time with his mom, which was nice. She seems to be doing better, but with congestive heart failure, she'll probably have good days and bad.

I had to work Saturday. It wasn't too bad, I was able to move around a bit.

Sunday about did me in, though. Stuck at the registers, way too busy, short-staffed. It was a nightmare.

Skip Monday, too boring.

Tuesday, Greg went with me to pick up Casey in Dodgeville. It was nice having him with me for the ride.

Nothing exciting on Wednesday.

Thursday was Greg's youngest son's birthday. He spent some time with the boys after work.

Friday (yesterday) ended up being a fun night. Greg and I took all our boys bowling and it was a fun time.

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