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Blah day

Woke up feeling reasonably ok. Knee pain still there, of course, but otherwise not too shabby. Went to crack my neck and got a kink in it instead. It’s been sore all day, nothing I’ve tried has relaxed it.

Spent most of the day at the computer, doing this and that. Catching up on Facebook, installing a few new things, copying some files. Nothing major.

Dave wasn’t an ass today, which was nice. He didn’t necessarily go out of his way to be nice, either. But, can’t complain overall.

Casey chilled out most of the day. He ran his tablet down then played for a while, then watched a bit of TV, did some ABC Mouse, played some more, watched a bit more TV. Was kind of bouncing off the walls as it got closer to bedtime. He needs to be able to get out of the house more. I feel so terrible that my knee is keeping me from taking him out to expel some of that energy. But, there’s nothing I can do. I *have* to rest my knee.

Casey’s class is having a party on Thursday for St Patrick’s Day. His teacher emailed today asking for volunteers to bring snacks and drinks. Casey said he wanted to bring snacks, so we have to get to the store tomorrow or Tuesday to pick up Lucky Charms, Pretzel Sticks, and M&M’s, plus some cool snack bags if we can find them, to make 19 mixed baggies for the kids. Dave kept telling Casey we (me and Casey) would do it right after school tomorrow, but it all depends how my knee is doing. He really needs to stop saying shit like that. “Mommy will take you to do this,” “Mommy will help you do that,” etc. It pisses me off. It all depends on my knee, damnit!

Watched an episode of NCIS: New Orleans, considering watching another but it’ll keep me up until nearly 11:30. But, at the same time, not exactly ready for bed either. I could always start it and then pause if I get sleepy enough. But, with this kink in my neck I think I’d rather just lay down and relax until I drift off to sleep.

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