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Baby Shower

This had to be a separate post, because it has to be kept friends-only.

Originally this smelly girl I don’t know from work randomly said she’d do my baby shower because she can get a room at her church for free. Peachy. My friend Sheila said she’d help. Well, smelly girl stopped showing up at work, and hasn’t contacted me via txt or call, so I assume I don’t have to partake in that experience.

I mentioned to my mom I don’t know if I’m going to have a baby shower now, with no one to do it for me. Sheila had said she would still, but she’s handicapped and can’t do it on her own. So, my mom said she would like to do it and have Dave’s mom help.

Might I add, Dave thinks his mom may not be drinking, as evidenced by the lack of beer around her when we’ve dropped by her house. He thinks her hubby only leaves enough money each day for that night’s dinner, which would prevent her from being able to spend his money on her alcohol. I hope that’s the case! But, she still is NOT going to be alone with my child! EVER!

My mom asked for Sheila’s email address so she could get in touch with her also, because I thought she still wanted to be included, and my mom was going to be nice enough to include her. Well, I asked Sheila if I could give her email address to my mom, to which she responded that she doesn’t have email. I said something about getting it on her phone, which is an iPhone, and she said she only gets Facebook messages on there. Well, that’s a load of bull shit, so I assume she just doesn’t want to be part of it.

Sheila and I had said we would do a pot luck, which I thought was an amazing idea and I really wanted to incorporate that into the shower. But then my mom decides to change that, that we’re only going to have some snacks and cake. So that was the first thing that bothered me.

Then I get a txt from my mom last night that she needs the addresses for the shower by this weekend so she can mail the invitations, and that Ronda is mailing hers today. Woah, woah, wait a minute!!! Two very important things are missing from those invitations right now! The baby’s sex, and the registry information!!! I sent my mom a txt telling her I don’t want the invitations mailed until I find out what I’m having, and sent Ronda a txt asking her to please not send them until then. Then, at 6am today, I realized about the registries, so I sent Ronda another txt to reinforce the message PLEASE DO NOT MAIL THEM! Neither of them responded by txt, but Ronda tried to call.

I already lost the pot luck, don’t tell me you’re going to mail the invitations without the two most important parts! Who on earth mails baby shower invitations without the baby’s gender and registry information??

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