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Baby’s first ultrasound!

Today was the first ultrasound, mainly for the doctor to know the due date. Since I have PCOS and also had just gotten off of birth control prior to getting pregnant, he said this would be the only way to be able to confirm the due date. And, he said that the ultrasound does match with the “last menstrual cycle” due date, so it is officially September 2nd.

Daddy went with, and we were able to see our teeny little baby move its hands and feet quite a bit! It was so awesome to see this tiny little person growing inside me! Baby’s only a little over an inch long right now, with a gestational age of 9 weeks and 6 days.

I have a gut feeling this will be a boy. I don’t know why. And, I’m sick of calling my baby “it.” But, should I start saying “he” or should I just wait 6 to 12 more weeks to find out for sure?

I’m going to have a high-tech special ultrasound at or around week 16, and the doctor said I may be able to find out the baby’s sex at that time. He suggested this type of ultrasound because I was on bipolar meds at the time I got pregnant, and therefore the baby got exposed to them. The ultrasound will show if there’s anything wrong with the baby.

Well, that’s about all for this update, all the major excitement today was from the ultrasound…

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