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Almost fell apart…

I wanted to post about this earlier in the week, but didn’t get around to it…

On Tuesday, even if only briefly, it seemed as though everything were falling apart around me with the house plans. I got a call from Kim in the morning, just touching base and checking the status of things. She said she’d tried to reach our loan consultant but would only get her voicemail, and had even tried reaching her supervisors but with no luck. I hadn’t heard from her either, and it was getting frustrating. I told her I still needed to schedule the appointment with the title company, and that our homeowner’s insurance hadn’t been activated yet because I couldn’t ever reach a person. She offered to set up the appointment for me, and we got off the phone. I tried calling USAA to set up the homeowner’s insurance, but couldn’t reach anybody whatever method I’d tried. I got messages stating that due to unexpected circumstances, they weren’t able to connect my call, and to try again later. That happened with every option I tried, every extension I tried.

Kim called me back and said she’d talked to the title company and they hadn’t received *anything* from USAA, and had *nothing* on our house. They were able to schedule the appointment, and said we should still be able to get it done on time, but things weren’t looking good. I told her I hadn’t been able to reach anybody, and she said she’d try to reach them. She did manage to, and was talking with someone from the realty division, and they said they just needed Dave’s W2s faxed, which I was already planning to do that day. They said they’d sent the information to the title company. Kim arranged for them to call me, and while I was on the phone with them she called the title company again. The lady who called connected me to a representative for the homeowner’s insurance, and I got that set up. I headed over to the realty office to have Kim fax the W2s for me, and she told me that when she talked with the title company again, the very same person who had told her they received nothing on our house, told her she was mistaken, she has all the documents for our house except for what she’ll receive a few days before close. The W2s got faxed, and just like that everything was all set for close.

So, for the hour or so that I was completely terrified everything was falling apart, it was all stress for nothing. It all worked out, and everything’s set.

Six more days to close!

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