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A new law that intrigues me…

There’s a new law in Illinois that took effect on the first, and I’m rather intrigued by it. Anyone who is caught driving under the influence now has to have a breathalyzer thing installed in their car that won’t let them turn the car on if they have a certain amount of alcohol in their blood stream.

I’m intrigued, because now I’m wishing my mother-in-law would get pulled over and they’d see she was driving under the influence, because then she’d have to get that thing installed in her car, and she’d soon realize she’d NEVER be able to leave the house unless she QUIT DRINKING.

The device also requires the driver to breathe into it at various intervals while driving. This would ensure that people like my MIL couldn’t drink WHILE driving, which she does.

Is it wrong that I’m DESPERATELY wanting her to get pulled over for drunk driving now? Just as a way to get her to QUIT? Living with her and her severe alcoholism is toxic to me and Dave, and to our marriage, and I also think that since she drinks WHILE driving and is basically drunk any time she gets in the car, it would keep her and everyone else on the roads safer.

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