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So I ended up working most of my shift yesterday, but the idiot sent me home at 7… like, she really IS an idiot!

So we weren’t slow at all last night, and Carrie was having quite a bit of difficulty finding an opportunity to pull me and send me home. Jaimee told Carrie (after I said I could stay) that it was nice to have another person, seeing as there was so much to do and not enough people to do all of it! She sent me home anyway!

Tanisha was being a biotch last night… there’s an Orchard Harvest Salad, and I honestly haven’t the slightest idea what kind of chicken is on it (nor any of the other ingredients) because they haven’t told me I could move on from learning Sandwiches yet. So somebody wanted that salad, but without any chicken. I looked behind me at the menu and it didn’t say what kind, so I started pressing buttons and opted for the first type of chicken it would let me select with the “No” pre-modifier. So then Tanisha was bitching at me about not knowing the kind of chicken, and that I should know the salads by now. I told her they hadn’t moved me on from sandwiches yet, and she just told me to learn the salads. So, when I had a chance, I got my little flip-book that’s supposed to teach me all the items we sell… and it didn’t say what kind of chicken comes on the Orchard Harvest Salad! Imagine that! I was going to, at my first opportunity, tell Tanisha that the type of chicken is not listed in my book, and that if she wanted me to learn it she’d need to write it down for me, but that chance never came up.

So then today I got to work at 8, only to find out I wasn’t due in till 10, and given the weather and the number of cashiers they had, I figured I wouldn’t be working at all. But alas, I worked my whole shift, and stayed an hour late… but, the idiot could have had me stay even longer, considering the ONLY cashier for 30 minutes (which can seem like an eternity) is new and doesn’t know squat. I could have stayed for another 30 minutes! Geesh! And of course she was having trouble getting an opportunity to pull my drawer and then run my final report because we were so busy, and I had to help the new girl make drinks because she doesn’t know how yet.

Oh, and apparently Tanisha walked out on them last night… and she was there this evening. They need to fire her, she’s toxic to the environment.

*Whew* That’s all from the last couple days… I’m scheduled for 7 to 3 tomorrow, but the Winter Storm (round 3 or 4 now) is due any minute now… so I’m not sure if they’ll need me.

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