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So, I really don’t know how much more I can tolerate of this job. Today, about the time I was already going to leave because of how much pain I was in, I get a phone call from a total whack job.

When someone calls, the first thing we have to say, besides getting their name, is if we can ask additional questions. So, this lady was already griping about the previous calls being dropped and this was her 3rd time calling and whatnot. Yeah, that would irritate me, too. And she was just trying to get transferred to another department. That’s great, but I still have to get permission to ask questions, and get in this lady’s account, and yes even just to transfer. If a person has ever called us before, they know this and put up with it. So, it took 6 minutes of this lady bitching before she would give me permission to ask questions. During this time she kept cussing at me and calling me names. My patience for this lady is wearing thin. We can’t hang up on people, of course, regardless of the heinous things they may say. What we can do is ask them 3 times to stop speaking to us in that manner, and that if they continue we will transfer them to a supervisor. Problem with this lady is that she had requested a supervisor about 3 minutes in when I kept telling her I needed to be able to ask questions in order to assist, and I told her I couldn’t transfer to a supervisor without asking questions first. Well, I did ask her twice though to stop talking to me like that, and she told me she could talk to me any way she wanted. I finally get into her account, and the last thing I need is permission to place her on hold while I transfer. Yeah, well, asking her this prompted her to tell me to take a long walk off a short pier, and then a few other things before I asked her, for a third time, to stop talking to me like that. She told me that I was raising her blood pressure, and that if anything happens she “knows who to blame.” I actually did end up saying to this lady that I am pregnant and do not need to deal with her speaking me to this way. She basically said she didn’t care, and again for me to take a long walk of a short pier. Well, it didn’t go any farther than that, she actually told me I could place her on hold just so she wouldn’t have to talk to me anymore. So, I did and finally got her off my line.

Afterwards the waterworks started, and I tried to go talk to my team leader. I wasn’t expecting her to be in today, but she was there. Well, I didn’t even get to a complete stop before she’s putting up her hand saying “I’m not here.” Really? REALLY? You are a salaried employee, not hourly, so you are ALWAYS ON THE CLOCK AND SO IF YOU’RE SITTING THERE AND SOMEONE ON YOUR TEAM NEEDS YOU THEN YOU NEED TO BE THERE FOR THEM! There is no reason that I should EVER get turned away by ANY team leader, mine or not, unless they’re on a phone call with a customer! I went over to another lead, told him about the phone call, and how I was about to leave due to the pain before I even got the call, and asked if I could go on lunch early to try and calm down and see if I could stay. He got the OK for me to go early, and I went.

I didn’t make it, though. The pains I’m having are too much, and I couldn’t take sitting on that chair anymore. So, I left.

I’ll be at this job for 2 years in November. I’ve already been trying to get a job at another company, United Healthcare, since before I started here. I actually was close to starting work there when I was still at Panera, but it fell through. I’ve still kept trying, and I finally got a phone call yesterday inviting me to take an additional assessment for one of the positions I’ve applied to, that I had passed the initial screening. I realize that, with only 5 full weeks of work left, it wouldn’t make sense to leave my job to start work somewhere else. Obviously I would make the effort to keep working at Apac until I start my maternity leave, and then just not go back if I can find something else. But, if UHC did tell me they would hire me for however many weeks, let me take leave, and still have the job when I’m ready to go back, then I would most certainly accept any offer!

At Apac, I finally hit bonus and am making $11 an hour so long as I keep my status up, but that will drop back to $9 by the time I come back from leave until I get my stats back to “Star.” So, it’d be nice to get $11 an hour at UHC, but I’d take the $9/hr.

Alrighty, I just wanted to vent about work…

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